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The Rate Of Youth Unemployment and Restiveness Among Our Present 20th Century Youth

‍Youth unemployment and restiveness has become the order of the day. Many youths have become an inverse of what they have dreamt for/of becoming.

This has led to many vices committed due to the Youth unemployment and restiveness in the world today.

  Many vices committed can be traceable to the youth because they are always in their prime in doing most of those things that are considered bad in the society and they are always ready to deep their hands into becoming whatever they want in a twinkle of an eye through any means not legal and illegal.

   These Youth unemployment and restiveness has become the order of the day and it is caused by the ones at the top- the so – called politicians and leaders that heads the country.

 A popular philosopher said “provide the youth with jobs that pays well and see the reduction in crime rate in the society”.

  This study has shown that the youth are mainly the ones that has to be highly favoured before crime rates will end in various countries because a person who has a high paid job would not leave it to soil his/her hands in doing evil and this has been said to be one of the solutions of Youth unemployment and restiveness.

The daily increasing rate of youth unemployment among in the world is becoming alarming. Many youths, after spending many years in the universities and polytechnics still roam the streets looking for employment.

They depend on their parents and relations for their livelihood. Many are hopeless in spite of their solid academic background. The future is very bleak for these youths because there is no job for them to pursue their ambition.

Many of the youths rush to cities and towns looking for jobs not minding the hazards. They are attracted to the city in spite of the dangers because of the infrastructures that are found there which are not available in many villages. These include pipe-borne water, electricity, communication networks, and accessibility to other areas.

 They end up being disappointed when their efforts prove abortive. The cities become overcrowded with many youths walking round the streets looking for jobs where there is none.

They become restive and therefore engage in many social vices. These include armed robbery, threat to life and property, prostitution among female youths, joining of radical militant groups, thuggery, etc.

 These they do because an idle hand is the devil’s workshop. They equally become confrontational and touchy on issues. This attitude is not good for national development.

How To End Youth Unemployment and Restiveness

To end this plague which is biting the future of the nation, there should be provision of jobs for the youths, by the government and the private sectors while training scheme for self-employment should also be promoted across the country.

This will ease dependence on white collar jobs. Adequate provision of social amenities should be provided in the villages to reduce the influx of people into the cities.

Also, the attitude of the youths to life generally should change positively. They should be made to see life from a better perspective and cultivate good human relations with all irrespective of who they are. This will help to develop the nation and make life meaningful.

Solutions to Youth Unemployment and Restiveness

 Education should be encouraged beyond the primary and secondary schools to many young students and this will surely be a gateway and of greater help to these youths. Because most of them does not have the right qualifications that is why they are still jobless.

Primary school education should be made free and compulsory for all. The cost of secondary and higher education should be less prohibitive.

The government should bear a greater part of the cost. Also, the number of places in higher institutions should be increased to absorb a greaternumber of those seeking admission. Emphasis on higher education will reduce the number of those who are too young or ill equipped to work.

There is the need to restructure the education curricula at all levels. Emphasis should be placed on vocational and technical subjects and the practical subject such as agriculture.

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 Emphasis on agriculture as a core subject at all levels will help to re-orientate the minds of school leavers and make them stay on the land.

 Emphasis on vocational and technical subjects in various institutions will help to provide training in the various skills demanded in the labour market. There is also the chance for youth to be creative and re-create jobs through their creativity and through it earn a self-employment for themselves and for others.

The rural areas are vital to solving the problems of unemployment in Nigeria. First, there is a need to develop the rural areas by providing them with adequate social amenities. This will reduce the attraction of towns and reduce the influx of people to urban centres.

 Second, firms could be encouraged to establish in the rural areas. Such firms could be given some tax concessions. Finally, workers could be encouraged to stay and work in the rural areas by granting them certain allowances.

Measures should be adopted to help reduce the producers’ cost of production in terms of labour cost. Tax incentives should be given to producers who employ a substantial amount of labour for production. Also, wages demanded by labour should not be so high as to discourage employers from employing people.

The country should embark on a more serious economic planning. This economic planning should not only be in favour of one party but the youth should also be included in any of their planning because if we have a bad set of youth today surely we will have bad governance tomorrow because they are the leaders of tomorrow.

This will help to speed up the rate of growth and development, and create more job opportunities in industry, transportation, import and export, agriculture and commerce

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