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Women in Tech Scholarship

Women in Tech Scholarship at Moringa School 2023.

Women in Tech Scholarship at Moringa School is another fully funded scholarship program for women in tech especially African countries.

This is a 100% fully funded scholarship to study software development and data science in 2023 for all the women in tech from around Africa.

But,  if you are a women and tech lover; then this is a great opportunity for you to get scholarship or award to go and pursue your great dream or career.

And, Moringa School does this by providing scholarships for digital and professional skills training in software development and data science, through their blended learning model, to low-income women and youth.

The graduates are then linked to work opportunities at technology firms in Kenya and across the region.

This project also provides technical assistance to enable Moringa to improve the quality and relevance of their skills programming for low-income students.

About Moringa School

Moringa School is a learning accelerator that provides training in Software Development and Data Science.

Moringa is committed to closing the skills gap in Africa’s job market by providing transformative tech-based learning that leads to employment.

But, This great academic institution prides itself on placing more than 85% of its graduates into leading companies throughout Africa and the world.

Thus, Moringa School was named one of the ‘Top 10 Most Innovative Companies’ in 2018 by Fast Company and was also awarded Financial Times and IFC’s “Finalist – Achievement in Sustainable Development, With a Focus on Education, Knowledge, and Skills.”

Women in Tech Scholarship at Moringa School

In addition, the World Bank highlighted the School model as a leader in the space following its research into technology boot camps. Most recently, Moringa School was selected among hundreds of candidates as one of the World Economic Forum’s “Technology Pioneers.”

Hence, In 2019, Moringa School and Mastercard Foundation through its Young Africa Works Strategy entered into a 3-year funding partnership aimed at strengthening Moringa’s capacity to provide a quality education that leads to employment to a total of 8,000 students between 2019 and 2022.

Furthermore, Regarding to Kenya, Moringa School has offered its curriculum in other regions including Pakistan through partnerships with the World Bank and Pakistani government, Hong Kong in collaboration with Accelerate, Ghana with Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology, Uganda in partnership with Outbox and Rwanda in partnership with GIZ and the Rwandan government.

Thus, it is important also to note that the course you are going to be taking here for the sake of this scholarship award includes web development and data science which is going to involve many computer programming language; like:

  • Python,
  • AngularJS,
  • Flask,
  • And many other language that would be added at the cost of this learning; so expect more skills.

Web Development for Women in Tech Scholarship

But, The Full-stack Web Development track of our core program is a 15 week full-time course with 12 weeks of curriculum and 3 weeks of professional development. With Full-stack web, students learn to program in Python, AngularJS, Flask, and Django.

You are advised to carry out or make your application using the link below:

https://moringaschool.com/courses/software-development-course or Click Here

Hence, At Moringa we do not only teach students to become the best developers, but we also train them with the soft skills like communication, teamwork, and presentation skills.

These are the skills that they can use in order to become the best employees, freelancers, and even entrepreneurs based on the needs of the job market.

One of Moringa School’s biggest strengths is that we prepare talented students to thrive in their careers.

Date Science for Women in Tech Scholarship

NOTE: Data science is the discipline of extracting knowledge from different types of data. Organizations and businesses use these insights to make decisions.

Please also note to apply for the next Data Science class starting on January 17th 2022 by Clicking Here or use the link below:


The Data Science course prepares you for a wide range of careers in tech, business, health, engineering, and other industries.

This course is for everyone that has completed high school and continuing with college, or you are a graduate and you enjoy working with numbers and data.


But, Many women from around the world especially from Africa have this mentality that they neither are nor wanted in the tech world or in the tech world, but that’s an absolute lie, they are also wanted and many of them are doing extremely well in the western countries.

So this is a great opportunity for all the African women to come and learn web development and data science with the help of scholarship in a great academic institution like Moringa School.

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