The Benefits of a Registered Nurse how to Register as a Nurse
The Benefits of a Registered Nurse

The Benefits of a Registered Nurse in Canada and How to do the Registration

The Benefits of a Registered Nurse in Canada. Our team realizes this on time that Many qualified and experienced nurses out there are saying that it’s of no use for them to register as a nurse—thinking that after spending much of their years and time in studies and graduating as a nurse(s).

What is the essence of the registration again?

Our term is here to enlighten you due to the research we did. Many benefits await you whenever you register as a member of the profession.
However, if you are a trained and qualified nurse(s) yet to register with your professional baby, please hurry up because you have been missing a lot based on our research. Therefore, do well to register in any of your professional branches nearest to you. To enable you to partake in these benefits. However, our term is here to tell you some of the benefits the registered nurses are to gain.

How To Register As A Nurse In Canada

There are two ways you can do your registration to become a professional member of the nursing association in Canada. However, NNAS(National Nursing Assessment Service) is a non-profit making that is concerned majorly the international nurses seeking job opportunities in the country of Canada.

They are the first stage that every international applicant must meet to do their registration. You need to see this body before any other thing. The registration can be done online or through the NNAS professional branch office nearer to you in Canada. Since you could not register before you get to Canada, you need to do this registration there before searching for your dream job. The National Nursing Assessment Service is waiting for you to help you out.

If you want to do the registration online, fine! you have to create an account with the NNAS by

1. log in to www. as to start your online registration. Follow the instruction by filling in your details.

2. The NNAS will spell out the required documents you are to fill in; you must provide all these documents required by NNAS to complete your registration.

3. The National Nursing Assessment Service will send you the Advisory Report, telling you when your file is complete.

4. When you receive your advisory report from NNAS, you can now apply to the College. They will also send you guidelines for instructions on how to contact the College with your request to register in Ontario.

5. Your language proficiency test result is also significant because this will enable you to communicate using French or English with the patients under your care and your colleagues in the working environment. This is the primary reason for the language proficiency test. NNAS will equally notify you if it is needed.

The 10 The Benefits of a Registered Nurse are Thus:

1. An Open Arm in Your Place of Work

One of The Benefits of a Registered Nurse is that the person has an open arm in the places of work. What we mean here is that, as a nurse, that is well recognized in the profession. You are not restricted from working in any part of Canada. You are free to find your nursing job in any part of the country in Canada as long as you are registered with your identification number and license.

However, as a registered nurse seeking your dream job. You may find yourself in a hospital, clinic, or health center. Nobody is toping you in any area, maybe because you are a foreigner or have regional issues. That is why we said as a registered nurse; you have an open arm in your job location.

2. A registered Nurse with off Days

Every registered nurse in Canada has four to five days off per month. Unlike some jobs that don’t even have a day off per month. They work from Monday to Sunday every week, still month-end. To be precise, a registered nurse who is working in Canada must have a work schedule. They will work and must have at least a day off every week; that is one of The Benefits of a Registered Nurse. They also work according to hours, that is, twelve hours daily.

However, this off day per week is of very great importance to the life of a nurse. Who is working as a nurse in Canada, even when the person doesn’t have anything to do with the off day. They can use the day to sleep or for tourism. At least to know and enjoy the rest of the country (Canada)

3. Great Respect

The benevolence, reputation as well as respect. Which is given to the registered nurses is higher than that of unregistered ones. In addition, most of the vacancies for nursing jobs are in the country of Canada and other parts of the world. One of the required qualifications is registration. That is to say that the registered ones are in high demand than those nurses that are not registered.

Therefore, the chances of registered nurses coming by a job in any part of the world are higher than that of unregistered ones.

4. A Specialize Duty

As a registered nurse in progress, you must have a particular area in your job concentration. With this, the nurse can focus on a scheduled site for him or her, making the nurse more specialized.

However, those nurses without registration may not schedule work for themselves, therefore overloading them with work, making the job stressful and creating fears in the mind of those that have the intention of joining the career. However, registered nurses always enjoy their professional duties and remain concentrated.

5. A Point of Contact to Others

As a registered nurse in progress, with the trust and high reputation for you in the minds of other nurses yet to write, they will always find the truth from you concerning the registration. However, a registered nurse serves as a mirror before the other incoming nurses; you always come out with accurate information about the profession because your monthly professional meeting is always to discuss the issues concerning the work.

However, as you attend the meeting, you will always be current and ready to give them accurate information. Therefore, as a registered nurse, you are advantageous by having access to current and accurate information and feeding others looking forward to the registration to become fully registered members of the nursing profession.

6. World Wide Recognition

One of The Benefits of a Registered Nurse is that the person has recognition both at home and abroad. Unlike those seeking a nursing job without registration, in the nursing labor market, those registered are highly welcome in their various countries, as well as Canada, where those that are yet to write.

Therefore, you should do your registration immediately after you graduate from nursing school, for you to have all it takes to look for your dream job both home and abroad, for the employer not to relegate you because of a non-registration member of the profession.

7. Always Fit and Good Health

As you know, as a registered nurse in progress working in a government-recognized hospital or clinic in Canada. He always has a work schedule; the nurse works according to hours or days, making the nurse always active to meet up on time. By so doing, the nurse remains physically fit and healthy, unlike unregistered nurses working in stagnant office, which maintains the same office all day long. He or she is not changing or schedule for the work always be in one place making them not to exercise their body which may lead to some minor illness.

8.Access to Loan

Another great benefit for those nurses that register as professional nurses is that. Since they attend their monthly or annual meeting, they contribute and are recognized by the professional body. They have the right to apply for a loan, which can be granted since they are identified as members of the professional association.

Therefore, at a given time when a registered member is having financial challenges, the profession can help by lending money to their member. However, those nurses yet to register don’t have this opportunity.

9. Health Insurance Coverage

An international registered nurse working in Canada is not liable to pay any amount for any health challenge the person is facing. The nurse is taken to any recommended hospital for treatment in which the government of Canada is responsible for the bill. However, other nurses yet to register may not have this opportunity. Whenever they are sick, they are accountable for their health. And no compensation is awaiting them.

10. The Benefit of Over Time Payment.

During your hours of work, nobody will pay you over time. However, immediately when your scheduled hours are over, and the next nurse to replace you is not there, the doctor in charge will still wants you to stay. In that case, you will fill out an overtime form to receive your extra payment at the end of the month. That is also The Benefit of a Registered Nurse.

In some cases, there may be image situations that came on toward the end of your working hours. This emergency needed more assisting hands; the doctor may ask you to stay. This will automatically attract over time for you to receive at the end of the month.

The non-registered nurses may not have this benefit.

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Our team brings out The Benefits of a Registered Nurse in Canada. This is because many nursing graduates don’t understand some benefits that accompany the registration. As a professional member of this noble association, There are some benefits that attach the registration.

This post shows us the requirements, where to register, how to register, and the benefits of being a registered member.

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