How To Be Accepted Into Loyola Jesuit College Admission and Scholarship 2022/2023 Session.

The Loyola Jesuit College Admission portal is now open to all scholars who are about to enter their secondary school. The Loyola Jesuit College Admission is run by the Jesuits (Society Of Jesus), a Catholic Mission school that is set on standard, morals and high discipline.

The Loyola Jesuit College is set up to be of encouragement to students for a future highly developed standard of independence and leadership qualities among their peers.

Loyola Jesuit College is also a school that is morally inclined just like any other Catholic Mission school that is run by any congregation, priest or the church.

Unlike their branches in Lagos State, St Francis Catholic School, Idimi that is also run by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). The Jesuit is a Catholic congregation that is education inclined. They set standard for students and prepares them very well for the outside world.

Age Consideration For The Loyola Jesuit College Admission

From the admission board, the Loyola Jesuit College Admission committee has decided that children who are below the age of ten should not be admitted into the junior secondary school (JSS1) class because after all calculations, children/pupils who are admitted within that age range tends to finish their secondary school education at age 16.

So with this, they plead with parents to admit their children/ward when they are already above the age of 12 or at 12 years minimal into junior secondary school (JSS1) class. At least, this would not affect the child thinking and would also help the child to have more knowledge and experience of the subjects taught because the child has attained adolescent age.

The Loyola Jesuit College Admission board has also said that the also said regarding the age consideration that the college does not want the admission of pupils that are emotional destabilized because of missing the presence of their parent or guardian because the college mission is mainly for boarders.

How To Apply For The Loyola College Admission and Scholarship

The Loyola Jesuit College Admission and Scholarship is open to young secondary school students who are of young age that they will groom and set up a good standard for them.

The Loyola Jesuit College Admission form is out for purchase at a fixed price of 10,000 naira (for Nigerian Students) while those living abroad and will take the entrance Examination in their various states (United States Of America and United Kingdom most especially) will pay the sum of $200 for the form.

The PIN or Form and other necessary things needed can be bought with a credit card or debit card option provided on the Loyola Jesuit College Admission website. This is one easy payment method that has been laid out for all the applicants to follow.

Candidates finding it hard to purchase a PIN from the Loyola Jesuit College Admission portal can find it easier to go to one of the scratch card retailers outlet and get a scratch card for the application process.

How To Use The Pin After Purchase.

After the Candidate for the Loyola Jesuit College Admission has purchased the PIN using his/her debit or credit card from the website and the PIN has been issued, Then the following should take place aftermath.

  1. Create an account in the Loyola Jesuit College Admission portal using the candidates real names and choosing a usable and rememberable username and password for the candidate and also an active email address will also be required for the account creation.

  2. After the successful creation of the account, the user will have to verify the account from the mail sent to the candidate’s email address, and then login in with the chosen username and password to start the application process proper.

  3. After a successful login, the candidate will be asked to fill in correctly the bio-data listed on the form in the Loyola Jesuit College Admission portal

  4. There is also a space provided in the form section where the parent or guardian of the candidates must fill some vital information of themselves and also the candidate.

  5. During the process of the form filling, each forms and spaces mark asterisks must be filled before moving to the next level of the form.

  6. After the whole process has been completed, the applicant should have to click on the submit button to send the application to the Loyola Jesuit College Admission board.

Loyola Jesuit College Admission

NOTE: All data of the candidate must be correctly filled in so as not to affect the application process or admission process.

Requirements For Interested Candidates

As said by the admission board, all those candidates that wish to be admitted into the college from the Junior Secondary School One (JSS1) must be exactly or above the age of 12 so as not to affect the child in the future and the Ministry of Education board policy.

Any student who goes ahead to make a forgery of documents of any form whether Birth Certificate or First School Leaving Certificate will be expelled from the school once the Loyola Jesuit College Admission board discovers that the candidate has done such an act.

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Visually Impaired Candidates Admission

The Loyola Jesuit College Admission Board also allows the visually Impaired to make application, but this application must be done by their parents or guardians.

During the process of filling the form, the Visual Impaired Candidate’s parent must tick that the candidate that he/she is registering for is visually Impaired so as to let the admission board know of the situation.

How To Access The Loyola Jesuit College Scholarship

The Loyola Jesuit College Scholarship is mainly for students that are highly inclined and talented both educationally, morally, socially and are highly recommended for the scholarship program by their teachers and house masters.

Then when they are considered worthy of the scholarship, they sit for an examination which qualifies the winner for the annual Loyola Jesuit College Scholarship.

This scholarship is fully funded and covers all that the student will spend throughout the school academic calendar of the school aside some personal needs of the candidate that has to be provided by the parents or guardians of the candidate.

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