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Disclaimer for our site “Scholars Learn”.

All news, write-ups and information that has been posted on this educational and scholarship blog is published for the purpose of the public especially for special engagement by students that are yearning to learn faster and graduate for free through scholarship programs.

We are not giving you a 100% assurance of our accuracy of information and it’s reliability which leaves it at your own personal risk that you may find yourself

We will not be accountable for any damages and/or loss that our site may have caused you in the cause of the information passed across in the blog.

Nevertheless, we work strenuously to make sure we pass across o our readers, young students and teachers at least 90% sure information.

Linking site URLs may also be seen in the blog. It is due to our site cannot afford to write on those issues, so the linking url takes you to other sites where the information also relates to ours.

Note: Our site will never link you to a nude/sex site or sites that shows pornographic pictures and videos. We are very strict in choosing the sites we link across to you.

These links does not really give a surety that we can trust all the contents that will be in the website linked.

The founding members, editors and managers of this sites may at any point in time make an update or remove any content /posts of our blog.

When these effects takes place, we will take no blame for our actions.

To ensure a continuity in the use of our blog and it’s contents, it implies that you have read, digested and agreed to our privacy policy, about us and other relevant information about this blog.

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